Nowadays, vintage cars become more and more lucrative owing to low rates of interest. Therefore a constant care, performed by experts, is not only necessary to conserve the value of your car, but also to save money, you would need for expensive repairs.

In addition to restorations and maintenance we offer special modifications in order to improve handling characteristics, for example a modern undercarriage, disk brakes and other safety features.

For us, service means…

  • supply auto parts
  • modification including “H-Kennzeichen”
  • maintain the motor and gearbox
  • transport service from the US to Germany
  • upgrade brakes (> disk brakes)
  • find your favorite vehicle
  • restoration and removal of rust
  • correct the varnishing
  • care and repair
  • convert steering into power steering

If you want to make demands on other services, please contact us. It would be a pleasure to help you.